GIS is used extensively worldwide to help preserve our wildlife

The ability to protect and conserve our planets wildlife is as vital to us as it is for them. The biodiversity of our earth is its guarantee of survival. When we ignore endangered species and allow animals to become extinct the diversity of our environment diminishes.

GIS has been instrumental in tracking wildlife and the effects of global modernization. With the analysis provided by using this powerful tool scientific research has provided a path to help preserve endangered species and develop policies to ensure their future survival.

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TheSe are some great case studies explaining how GIS has been used for wildlife conservation:

This link lists Conservation Geography Groups, each using GIS to pursue this noble effort

The World Wildlife Foundation uses GIS to continually monitor and protect the habitat of wildlife. Read more about this organization and the important role GIS plays in wildlife conservation at http://www.worldwildlife.org/science/index.html

Article on how GIS has enhanced endangered species conservation efforts

Article on Environmental Biology & GIS and How GIS is Being Used in Conservation Biology

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The World


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